Polish noble manor

Villa Anna

Private lakes for fishing, swimming and recreation

Villa Anna

The manor is situated amidst scenic nature

Villa Anna

Silence and solitude

Villa Anna

01 Recreational Activities

Villa Anna

Relaxing with us is more than just good family recreation

About Us

We are waiting for you to visit us by the whole family!

01 Manor rental

01 Holiday for two
  • One bedroom rental

  • in the cottage to stay

  • 200-250$

Included in the price: access to the sauna, table setting for a romantic dinner, the opportunity to cook a barbecue on your own or to order cooking done by us. We invite you to spend a wonderful weekend together. Your holiday in the manor will be private, relaxing, and comfortable.
02 Cottage rental
  • For up to

  • 8 people to stay

  • 300-350$

03 Cottage rental
  • For up to

  • 9-15 people to stay

  • Rental by agreement

A friendly company or a big family will be happy to spend time in our manor, we have foreseen everything for pleasant relaxation in nature and outdoor activities.
04 Manor rental
  • For events

  • Rental by agreement

The manor territory is ideal for a family or for corporate events with up to 20-25 people. A summer terrace, a large gazebo, a heated pavilion provide everything you need for a pleasant get together with family and friends at any time of the year.
Additional services
Negotiable price
05 Food
  • Breakfast

  • Lunch

  • Dinner

  • Banquet

  • Festive dinner

  • By prior request

06 Sauna
  • Relaxation room

  • Heated pool

  • Cedar sweating-room

  • for 2-4 people

  • By prior request

07 Fishing
  • Private lake

  • Fishing Equipment Rental

  • Cooking Fish on Charcoal

  • Our own smokehouse

  • By prior request

08 Transfer
  • From Minsk

  • airport station

  • From Minsk

  • From Vilnius

  • From other cities

  • By prior request

09 Shipping
  • Products from

  • store market

  • farm

  • Food delivery

  • from the restaurant

  • By prior request

10 Medical tourism
  • Healthcare

  • Rehab

  • relaxation

  • Medical services

  • Beautician services

  • Masseuse services

  • By prior request

03 Rooms

House description
The interior of Villa Anna is our vision of a cozy and functional space. For interior design we used antique furniture and old household items that previously belonged to our families. At the same time, the house has everything for a comfortable stay.

First floor

Second floor

04 Photos

05 Contacts


You can always find us at this address

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